Exactly what I was afraid of has come to pass.

They say, when you’re kayaking, if you look at a rock in the river, the rock you are trying to avoid, you’ll run right into it. The best thing to do is look past it–at your destination and not at your obstacle.

This is how I love my life, and some call me naive, or idealistic, or ungrounded. Because I’m always looking off into the distance. As hard as I practice living in the now, I admit I’m flighty and more accurately branded an escape artist.

I’m so forgetful, I am suspended in a constant state of surprise and curiosity at the newness of all scenes–even if it’s supposed to be familiar, some part of my brain recognizes each moment as new and fresh. So I’m usually blissful.

Recently I tried a two-week sugar detox led by a health coach. She told us that one way to curb the cravings for sugar is to add sweetness in your life.

This suggestion fascinated me and helped me through. We don’t only feel sweetness with our tongue/taste buds.

Ask yourself, “What’s sweet about this moment?”

Get jazzed and inwardly or outwardly exclaim, “Suhhhhweeet!”


• The quiet of this room is sweet

• The baby sleeping is sweet

• My electric blanket is sweet…


Just like I once made a practice of listing Ten Things to Be Grateful For, I am now doing Ten Sweet Sensations Surging Right Now:


• Driving fast is sweet

• Light snow dust is sweet

• Holiday cheer is sweet. . .


Music is sweet. Humor is sweet. Look for sweetness with your other senses, and you’ll find the world full of it.


Now, back to the title of this post: Stagefright. I have been wanting to start a blog, and exactly what I was afraid of came to pass. I opened the window and nothing flew out. Not immediately, at least.


But here, I hope I’ve left you with something you can take home with you.

What we take to the pillow, we rise with.

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Editor, writer, photographer, and new mom
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