Diary of a Football Widow

It happened quietly and without much warning.


What’s that you say? Football season didn’t end? It’s still going on?

Oh. Well it ended for the Dallas Cowboys, and in my house that means


The hubby actually won a few buck$ in his fantasy league, and took me to a nice dinner Saturday night at Tutta Bella Trattoria. I mean, I dragged him there and he paid. Does that count?


He’s been working really hard. I mean REALLY hard. Harder than any body else I know, including coal miners. He should be on Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs. He doesn’t get filthy, but his sweat goes into the pieces he produces for radio. As a matter of fact,


Mine’s at work. And I love ’im for it. More wine for me.

The babe napped twice today and fell asleep before 9:00. I’m in heaven!

In reality, I’m battening down the hatches for the first of hubby’s upcoming out-of-town assignments. This one will be seven nights. I think I will document my adapting to his absence. And then he’ll come back RIGHT when we’ve gotten used to him being gone. I’m wondering if I can use a drill to secure the child safety gates around the staircases in the house, because our 9-month-old thinks she can walk (she can’t yet, but she can scurry, scuttle, and scoot at lightning speed).

I’m wondering if I’ll sleep diagonal in my bed, like that Phish song.

I know The Hubster doesn’t want me blogging all the details of his life—so, I’ll have to stick to the shared experiences. But you have to know he’s an entertainment news reporter to understand the glee I will feel, not unlike the glee I feel when football ends, when we say


Before the seasonal demands of his profession ramp up, as they occasionally do, to about 80 hours of work per week, we try to place a carrot in front of us, in the form of a vacation. Nothing fancy, mind you. Just a change of scenery, a purposeful unplugging, a good menu, and hopefully some professionals trained in the pampering arts to help us, uh, get there. By there, I mean relaxed.

I’m busy mothering or editing and we both work ’round the clock to make ends meet. The great thing is, OUR team is winning.

Are you a football widow? Are you an awards season widow, or any other kind of figurative widow? How do you make up for lost time with friends or family, when we’re all so


Can you put a date with your best friend on the calendar? (Half of my “best friends,” who live in the same city, communicate with me predominantly via chat. Should we Skype?)

Remind me to blog about chat and its benefits and drawbacks sometime.

Until then, get in touch. TOUCH the person who means most to you, because he or she may soon have to go on a long assignment.

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4 Responses to Diary of a Football Widow

  1. Catherine Schetting Salfino says:

    As the writer of the Football Widow blog, of course this speaks to me! :) And congrats to your husband on winning his league — and to you for getting a dinner out of it!

  2. mrsksl says:

    Thanks for Skyping me today at just the right moment – to see Bliss celebrate her birthday in pre-school!! What a nicw surprise!! Out a little sunshine in my day! Love, Mom

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