What Happens When You’re Gone

1. I hog all the pillows

2. I use my smelliest cosmetic creams

3. The house is nearly silent

4. The cats wait up for you

5. I take out the garbage

6. I watch a little TV using the Apple TV you set up that I claimed to have zero interest in (“Lie to Me” rented on iTunes for 99 cents)

7. I invite your mother over for a slumber party and pancake breakfast

8. I dread changing the cat litter pan, but I’ll do it anyway

9. I wash and fold all 75 pounds of your accumulated laundry. Ha! Dream on!

10. I miss you lots

When the husband's away, the cats will play

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4 Responses to What Happens When You’re Gone

  1. Becca says:

    I love this list. When Jake left for 3 months I wore all my smelliest creams too, foodiest ones that he hates. I took out the garbage, did everything. His mother stayed with me for 4 days!!! I slept in the baby’s room one weekend. Ha!

  2. Ali says:

    I love this! Especially the part about the slumber party! I use my smelly lotions and creams even when Andrew is home!! oops! haha!

  3. #7, whoa! You’re nice! Love this. When my husband is working late hours I think, Oh finally I can eat really healthy veggie food he would hate, and then usually end up with no groceries at all, living off jelly beans.

  4. oliarights says:

    awesome! you are good when he is gone. When mine is gone, I stick myself in front of the computer to indulge in my blog :)

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