Postpartum Shaman

I just came from visiting an amazing doctor. I’d been putting off this appointment for several months, living with tailbone and abdominal pain from the birth of my daughter nine months ago. I had hoped my body would heal itself. It did, to some degree, enough to get back on my feet and function again, but constant pain in a few places has been sapping my energy, and the time has come to catch up on some self-care I’ve been putting off while I hibernate with the baby. I also did not have any babysitting help until just recently. Now that I’ve settled into a comfort zone having surrogate moms step in for a couple hours a day, I’m making the rounds to all my doctors (and each one has a theory and a prescription to dole out). (Bloodwork showed I’m Vitamin D deficient, so I’ve started taking 2,000 units a day. Maybe that will render my earlier post, Fighting SAD, moot.)

Three months ago, I went to an in-network chiropractor for coccyx (tailbone) pain. You know what he said?

“Your shoulders are tense. Let me apply electric stimulation to your shoulders. That I can fix.”

I’ve been talking with friends about this lingering pain, but not doing much about it. One friend said her husband had injured his tailbone, and visited a practitioner who did some very uncomfortable manipulations. Hearing that his condition improved gave me hope; all I had to do was get a babysitter squared away, and this was tops on my to-do list. (During the few hours a week I have babysitting help, I try to cram in a to-do list a mile long.)

Like other injuries from birth, a tailbone injury can be pretty personal. Just think of where your tailbone terminates—no, lower. It’s pretty much in your tush.

So, after hearing my birth story, the details of which I’ll spare you from now, but not forever, Dr. Donaghy asked me to lie on my back on the exam table. She laid hands perpendicular across my midsection, closed her eyes, and said, “Now let me talk with your body.”

She was amazing listener. She’d heard the story as my mind conceived it, and now wanted to hear my body’s telling. This distinction told me she was an enlightened practitioner. The work she did with her hands also conveyed a talent beyond the scope of her PhD program at Simmons.

It’s important to be in tune with the symmetry of the body, from core to extremities, and to recognize that if the symmetry is offset, it can have repercussions. Certain bones in my pelvis are out of whack and it’s pulling on all the muscles and ligaments. I have hope they can be realigned. I feel better after one visit.

But I’m reflecting on how high a tolerance I, and probably we, have for chronic discomfort.

Is there something physical or emotional bothering you, that you have left untreated? Is it sapping your strength, eating up your energy? May I encourage you to take a step today toward solving it and enjoying life even more than you already are?

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