Instant Karma

Instant Messaging lets me have great conversations while surfing around my computer. On the phone I’d sound halting and distracted, but I can IM and have quality exchanges. I’ve gotten to know some good friends and even gotten closer with my mom and sisters via IM. Do you like IMing?

As an editor, I also appreciate the opportunity to craft my sentences. What amazes me the most, though, is how frank my IM discussions are. I mostly IM with my closest girlfriends, and am sad that a few friends from childhood just aren’t glued to the computer all day. We need to catch up on the phone, and the phone is something I now only use for quick business, whereas, I can have running, days’ long conversations ongoing with my favorite chat buddies while I’m cycling through Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Drudge Report, and Huffington Post; or shopping Amazon, Zappos, and all kinds of sales and deals I’m bombarded with these days.

Then, I can shoot my buddies a link, and we can be seeing the same thing at the same time, and talk about what we’re seeing. It’s a multimodal, visual experience that we share control of. I really have come to love the era I was born in. (My husband and I met online, and my screen name was HiTechLuvr.)

Just step back for a minute, and marvel at what we’ve created—well, what somebody created and we’re using every day. Skype and videophone are also amazing. I think videophone should have become ubiquitous in the world a long time ago. Nevertheless, it has hiccups and shortcomings. I don’t want to primp for a chat with my buddies. Real-time screen sharing capabilities are cool, but how often do you use them? And then you lose the two-way video stream.

In my opinion, IM is one of the best advents of the new millennium. I type freakin’ fast and furious, too, the same way I play piano. Aside from my typically bad posture at the computer, I just love to get in a groove and choreograph a rhythmic dance of keystrokes that results in black-and-white art on the virtual canvas.

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The slideshow is a collection of images I took of the computer with my macro lens in 2005.

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2 Responses to Instant Karma

  1. Darlene says:

    I use google chat for IM and feel nearly identical to you about it. I’ve had deep and meaningful as well as hilarious conversations. Some, even, were tearful. I’m not ashamed to admit that there is one friend that, together, we have developed our own sort of IM language. Great post.

  2. Jamie says:

    I agree with you, as usual, and I will add that having video chats has allowed me to communicate with my deaf friends in sign language which is how we prefer to chat. Sometimes my fingers can mean more in flight than landing on the keyboard. But I do enjoy a good IM chat!

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