The Big Reveal

I was in Florida with the baby since Wednesday, and there was no need to wear sunscreen. The norm was cloudy and 60F. We visited the mall once, and ate at different places, or cooked up delicious food at home, looking at the gray skies and palm trees waving in the wind from inside. The last few days were just warm enough to go swimming, which was fantastic because I have a lot of fun dunking the baby. Whether or not she enjoys it is hard to tell, but she doesn’t cry, and I have high hopes she’ll become a real water baby.

I am sure our trip to El Salvador in March will make up for the lack of sunshine in Florida. I was hoping to build a base tan, as average daytime temps on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador are in the 90s.

We were slowly working up the courage to announce our travel plans to Adela’s grandparents, because we wanted to spare them the worry and save ourselves from lectures intended to persuade us not to go.

When my family first heard we wanted to take our baby, who’ll be 11 months when we travel, down to Latin America, they bombarded me with vacation deals, cruise packages, and domestic airfare sales. None of it applied, since we’d already reserved a house in El Zonte with a little pool, far from the bustle of La Libertad, yet accessible by car 40 minutes from San Salvador—a 5½-hour direct flight from JFK.

I showed my mom the link as an example of what we were considering, and she said, “Well, that’s out of the question. It’s not even available when you want to travel.”

Right, Mom. That’s because it was reserved… by us! Sorry we didn’t tell you sooner, Mom.

So, as foreshadowed in earlier posts, we’re going to be roughing it a little without hot water. I’m assured the water is “reliably warm.” “As reliable as the sun,” says the owner. And, for half of what it would cost stateside, we’ll have a full-time cook, as well as a housekeeper. Nanny and masseuse are extra, but each costs less than the price of a Midtown lunch. The reviews are outstanding and I hope in mid-March we find ourselves submitting a glowing review of our own.

My daughter and I haven’t seen Daddy in a week. He was too busy to Skype for more than 30 seconds this afternoon and has to see a movie tonight (he’s a movie critic), so he won’t see the baby for another day. He’s home for about eight days, then has another news assignment in L.A., this time to cover the Oscars. After four trips, to cover the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and finally the Oscars, we really need uninterrupted family time, where nobody even speaks English. Of course, if I know my husband, he’ll find a USA Today to read in his hammock, while I write in my journal.

The pool, the gazebo, and the surf beyond!

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