We must be aware that we are planting the seeds every day that will burst open and feed our future selves.

In 1999, I admired a woman in Panama who’d brought her baby to Bocas del Toro. At the time, this archipelago of islands was undiscovered. My travelmate and I rode bikes on an air landing strip, took a boat around deserted islands, and held sea urchins and starfish on untouched reefs. Now the area is more “touristed.”

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In 1997, the night before I left for an Outward Bound semester course in Latin America (the trip that started it all), I cleaned my room. Inside a blue school folder, I found an ad for Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound School that I’d clipped from National Geographic Magazine four years earlier—I’d forgotten all about it, and here I was, about to embark the next day. Do you ever feel awash in kismet?

More than ten years ago I hoped to be the kind of traveler who’d bring her child to exciting places.

My cousin Tom (@tomtravel2 on Twitter), a fellow outdoor enthusiast, advised me that having kids is a whole new adventure and seeing the world through their eyes makes the ordinary seem extraordinary. He was right. It’s not that I’m not satisfied with our domestic terrain; we intend to visit our national parks in an RV when the kid/s are older. I’ve never road-tripped across America, so there’s a lot yet to see, stateside. Also, hiking the nearby woods has been nothing short of blissful with Adela in tow, smiling at the leaves and inviting me to see with her child’s eyes, touching and discovering anew the textures of everything, and even tasting mulch as an experiential test.

I’m very excited because today I got the backpack we’re going to carry the baby in. Of course I researched the options, comparison shopped (returned the bargain buy I ordered from Zappos and went back to Eastern Mountain Sports for the more supportive, safer pack), and tested the models with our live test subject.

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3 Responses to Seeds

  1. Thanks for the mention! Travel will never be the same again for you, and as I said some time ago it is a good thing. Mulch, mmmmm…

  2. oliarights says:

    Yes! Plant those seeds. Adela is going to be an adventurer!

  3. oliarights says:

    Gorgeous photos too! I can relate to the mulch. We went through a long mulch phase. Today Isaiah was poking really dirty snow with a stick. I wanted to stop him but I could not. I do not want him to think it is disgusting if it is beautiful to him. It was beautiful to him. He stopped at every dirty snow patch he could find.
    Let’s meet soon.

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