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Not many people know I have an interest in martial arts for self defense, mostly gentler forms of tai chi, but also useful shit like jujitsu.

In this post, I would like to share the Seven Codes of Bushido (The Code of the Samurai) for women warriors. Our physicality, I believe, is an extension of our philosophy and attitudes. The code of the samurai articulates this in such a perfect and artful way, I’d really like to share it.

Then I will share something I recently found to be useful, an article called How To Knock Someone Out with One Punch—which I hope you find useful, but only for preparedness, never in case of actual necessity.

Then I would recommend the book The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense, which uses the model of martial arts to prepare you for assertive communication when it’s necessary—like when that needling coworker asks an uncomfortable question about your personal life.

Here is a good rationale for arming yourself with a skill set for verbal attacks:

How Verbal Self Defense Works

Here is a brief summary of how matching the verbalization with your counter-move works:

An Overview of the Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense System

Since I’m outgoing, even brash, most people wouldn’t guess I went through a period where I needed to practice being more assertive—mostly with bullying men I dated, and also with bullying men and women whom I encountered in corporate environments. I even made myself a set of flash cards with phrases I could rely on when the prickly heat of shame, frustration, or anger broke out under my collar.


Warrior Virtues
The seven codes of bushido (the code of the samurai): justice (gi), bravery (yuu), benevolence (jin), politeness (rei), veracity (makoto), honor (meiyo), loyalty (chuugi).

From chivalry and knighthood, the basic virtues are mercy, humility, honor, self-sacrifice, faith (fear of God), courage, and courtesy to ladies.

Samurai Warrior Women
True warrior women (Japanese: onna-musha) in ancient Japan were the rare exception. Usually, if Samurai women did fight, it was in defense of their towns and castles. Since most of the able-bodied men were away in battle. Traditionally, Samurai women fought with the na-gi-na-ta (a spear with a curved blade) or the kai-ken (a dagger). However, one of the most famous Samurai women, Tomoe Gozen, instead, was a peerless sword-fighter and archer. 

[Source: “Women Warriors of Japan: The Role of the Arms-Bearing Women in Japanese History” by Ellis Amdur, http://www.koryubooks.com/library/wwj1.html]

Samurai Sword-Fighting
Or ken-do (the way of the sword) or ken-jutsu (sword skill) or iai-do (the way of sword drawing). These are the modern day sword arts derived from the fighting arts of the Samurai (“those who serve”), the warrior caste of ancient Japan. A simplified version of Samurai sword-fighting (suburi, sword swinging exercises) is a component of many karate, jujitsu, and aikido schools. Usually, suburi is performed with bok-ken (wooden practice sword) approximates a real sword. [Resource: Bokken: Art of the Japanese Sword by Dave Lowry]

Jujitsu Finger Locks
Easy to learn, easy to perform, jujitsu’s finger locks. Simply wrap your hand around your attacker’s thumb or one or more of his fingers. Then bend as if peeling. A great defense against chokes, grabs, bear hugs, & the full nelson. Or as an attack on its own. Good for small hands against attackers with big fingers. [Resource: Small-Circle Jujitsu by Prof. Wally Jay]

“Death Touch” (Dim-Mak, Kyu-sho)
Supposedly, Bruce Lee was “murdered” by someone who used the secret art of dim-mak (death touch). Or kyu-sho (Japanese: vital points), pressure points, for combat and as medicine. Currently, a popular topic in the martial arts field. Books, videos, seminars, workshops, courses, classes, & charts.

Three easy-to-attack pressure points. There’s a pressure point between the thumb and forefinger, the webbing, top of the hand. Use it when grabbed. And the indentation, at the bottom, behind the ear. And the area that corresponds to the seams of one’s pants, outside the thigh. Use when bear-hugged.

Woman Warrior Affirmation:
“I am a powerful woman warrior.
My female qualities make me a deadly fighter.
No man is my superior. I can crush any man with only one hand.
I am worth defending. I will defend my body, my dignity, my honor, always.
With my invincible spirit alone, I will conquer all enemies, internal & external.
I am a powerful woman warrior. I was asleep, now I am awake.”

[By Master Hun. Copyright © 2004 Hyun C. Hwang]


How To Knock Someone Out with One Punch

By Dean Walsh


The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense

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