Fly, Baby, Fly

My husband and I are in different headspaces today. He’s thinking about his trip to L.A., and I’m thinking about my next trip, our vacation in mysterious, musty, misinterpreted El Salvador. I’m wondering about infant safety on the airplane and outdoors, and he’s wondering, “Can you pick up my dry cleaning?”—with five minutes to spare before the shop closes and twelve hours to spare before he takes off for the last of four work assignments out west.

Do people still say “out west”? Clue me in.

…Which brings me to my next subject, one that I may have touched upon already, but a phenomenon well worth exploring periodically: Mommy Mind.

I totally forgot to go to the eye doctor today. It’s not like I had an appointment, no, I just had to exchange some lenses, but still. It was on my Google calendar, which I hold sacred, and I still forgot!

What’s up with that?

Okay, so back to infant safety on the airplane.

I bought this (Warning! Don’t watch the video! Or do! It’s crazy the way they show a baby flying up to the cabin ceiling.): Baby B’Air Flight Vest

We might want this: FlyeBaby

We want to pack light. Additional suggestions are welcome. Please comment! Even if it’s more to rip on me for being an airhead and less of a helpful hint. There’s a tiny, microscopic, barely noticeable invitation to Leave a Comment at the bottom of each post. I like this design for my blog, but the comments are rather hard to activate. Sorry and thanks!

~ Mommy Theorist

Our daughter's first flight, when she was only 8 weeks old. Now she's been on 10 flights, and she's 10 months old!

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3 Responses to Fly, Baby, Fly

  1. Jamie says:

    We took car seats on the plane for our trip to Australia and I’m so glad we did! We also used attachable wheels on the car seat to move easier thru the airports. I’d really recommend it! Even if you check the car seat with the wheels attached at the gate and fly with the baby on your lap, it’s a great way to have a safe place for baby on the go, and you have a car seat when you get there. Baby can nap, eat, etc in the seat! Check it out:

    Or, get in touch with me and I’ll tell you more :)

  2. Thanks, Jamie! We usually fly this way. On the trip to San Salvador, she’ll be a lap baby. We’ll gate check the car seat and the cheap stroller. We wouldn’t ride in a car without her secured–ironic, considering the lack of infant safety on airplanes. I foresee a revolution in infant safety on airplanes in the near future. Until then, we’ll have to wing it ;-)

  3. oliarights says:

    I have mommy mind too! I have forgotten some important things lately that I would consider unforgettable before. I have no tips for flying but I will follow yours. We use the car seat thing too. I have seen this seat belt online that you attach to the back of the seat, I will try to find it.

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