Forgive My Trespasses

I’m going to be honest with you: Sometimes I wonder why I got married and had a kid, if all I want to do is travel. Months into writing this blog, I think I’m clear that’s what this blog is about—the struggle between mobility and fixedness; the pull of the anchor against its moorings; the buildup of kinetic energy to the flashpoint; and then the consequences of minor explosions that cause major shifts. Each man’s vision is through his own lens. There are consequences of both amplifying and minimizing the importance of what one sees.

Mommy Theorist is me, creaking and groaning with tension about a fortunate person’s problems—not even bad enough to call problems, so, dilemmas. Dilemmae.

I have to stop driving to and from the city. First of all, on my southbound leg, the sun is setting over the Hudson River. Tonight the Hudson was like glass, and reflected not only the color of the evening sky, but the Palisades Cliffs. On my way back, the cliffs are eerily dark, suggesting an uninhabited preserve.

Despite its proximity to one of the grimiest cities on Earth, this is a scenic route—and if you are sentimental like me (or just mental—my mind wanders), then a vista like this sends you. For me it triggers wanderlust. Then a song called “Into Morrocco” comes on and just stirs the pot. Do you ever feel this stirring? Is it spring, or what, that brings it in waves?

The glassy river illuminated pink became the rose-tinted lens through which I gazed. Spring brings with it the anticipation of summer—and that’s why I love spring; because I love summer so much.

Does anyone know anything about installing a firepit? Cuz that’s something we want to do.

I’d like to be wandering, but while I’m landlocked, I want to make home as cozy as possible.

BTW, I was going about 60MPH, which isn’t excessively fast, but at times I’d accelerate over 70 to take advantage of open road. There’s always some hotshot who blows past me, and, I swear, his adrenaline is palpable to me. I feel a rise in pulse and adrenaline spike that he must be feeling tenfold if he’s going 85.

Now, as an adrenaline junkie with an infant, how do I get my fix?

Do I lean on the gas pedal? No, driving doesn’t seem to me an appropriate outlet for speed demonism; but something like skydiving, where there are lesser odds of injuring innocent bystanders, does. I’ve only gone skydiving once, whereas, I’ve gone paragliding a dozen or so times, and hang gliding a half dozen more than that. I recommend the tranquil soaring experience over the scary falling experience. It’s more like a flying dream, and that’s the sensation I’m striving to recreate.

Getting my thrill seems to be a challenge. However, I was reminded the other day, accidentally, that unpredictable shit happens right in your neighborhood. If you take interest in your surroundings, you’ll uncover some surprises.

I was hiking at Ward Acres, and I went farther than I’d ever gone before, and came to an abandoned house. The windows were boarded up and there was a NO TRESPASSING sign tacked up on the porch.

Well, trespassing is my favorite pastime. Now that I’m hiking with a baby in a backpack, I figure I look a little less punishable should I get caught. I was getting closer to the house and snapped a couple pictures with my iPhone, and was of course going to go up on the porch and get a mug shot right in front of the NO TRESPASSING sign, when, out of nowhere, off-road, a police cruiser swoops in!

I made an awkward smiley “Oops!” face and backed away from the porch steps, and nearly backed all the way back to the trailhead til I turned and went back the way I came. Damn, there went my loop. I’ll be darned if I don’t try again next week. I talked to local dog walkers who say the park’s open for recreation and the cops hang out up there so they can get away with doing nothing all day.

Here, I thought there must be something special about the vacant property if it’s being guarded so vigilantly. The NO TRESPASSING sign is just there to keep people out of the abandoned house, but you can go where you please otherwise. There isn’t even a NO TRESPASSING sign on the abandoned barn. You can peer in through broken windows at rusty farm equipment… I find abandoned places extremely attractive, romantic, picturesque, and inviting. I envy urban explorers who have the moxie and the connections to have accessed some of New York’s finest off-limits locales.

…Okay, I’m back after a time spent surfing the web using search terms like “urban exploration.” It’s a rich field, and the Internet is a neverending story, so, I’ll just share one neat link I came across and let you find your own pictures of abandoned buildings:

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One Response to Forgive My Trespasses

  1. oliarights says:

    the pull of the anchor against its moorings; the buildup of kinetic energy to the flashpoint; and then the consequences of minor explosions that cause major shifts.

    Beautiful. Don’t envy, just do it! CT has a lot to explore, you are so close.

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