“Welcome Back!”

I was driving through a suburban neighborhood today, and passed a house decorated with balloons, flowers, streamers, and a giant sign that read, “WELCOME BACK!”

It made me smile. I thought, that person must feel loved. That person must be loved.

It got me thinking, how do we show our love? In so many simple ways, we can make someone feel loved.

Our daughter just started drawing with crayons. I opened to a new leaf in her sketchbook, and found a lovenote from my husband:

“David [HEARTS] Michelle” in blue crayon.

Usually, I’m the one leaving Post-It notes inside his medicine cabinet or on the front door welcoming him home from a long day at the office. But this time, he surprised me.

I’d love to hear the most simple and unique ways you have made someone feel loved… or that someone has made you feel loved!

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Editor, writer, photographer, and new mom
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