Random Acts of. . . Subversion?

I received an unexpected response to my last post:

Off topic, but similar: Years ago at a chain eyeglasses store they
left pads of paper out all over the place. I walked around and
flipped to the middle-ish of each and wrote, “Do Shrooms!”

It reminded me of a blast I had with an old friend sharing beers and stories, and writing quips on the sugar packets: “Fuck off!” and “Go back to jail,” and “He doesn’t love you,” and “Who are you, really?” or just, “How many?” It felt like we were creating fortune cookies.

Have you committed any secret, random acts of subversion? Drawn a heart in a fogged up window? Etched your name in a subway car? Marked a public bathroom stall?

Come out, come out, wherever you are, and tell us about your random acts of rebellion, graffiti, or practical jokes.

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2 Responses to Random Acts of. . . Subversion?

  1. Olia says:

    Flashed everyone in McDonalds by pressing my boobs against the glass. I have trespassed mostly on “park land” after hours because I think land belongs to people not park rangers or the government. When my friend got stood up by a boy. He made us drive to his house and was not home. I went in and took all the batteries out of all his remotes :).

  2. Amy says:

    I carry a Sharpie in my bag to correct grammar on subway graffiti and make small changes to homophobic statements to make them pro-gay.

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