Oh, the People You Meet in the…

…Organic Market

How often do you think to yourself, Please don’t let me become like that person?

A lady in Mrs. Green’s Natural Market was inquiring about a protein drink for baby. I took interest, since just that morning, my husband and I wondered aloud if our baby could handle our Bolthouse Farms protein beverage. I moved closer with my stroller and actively listened, then asked,

“Are you looking for a protein supplement for babies?”

“Yeah, my son is 18 months, and he won’t eat.”

I had just read here that babies around this age may reject even their favorite foods, as an act of independence. So I say,

“I heard that—“

And she clips me and says, “Well, I have three. Okay.” Talk. To. The. Hand.

Okay, even when I’m on my sixth baby, I don’t want to be like her—closed to new information, an expert with opinions solidified in amber. But, the silver lining was I learned something. She was inquiring about this product:


Holy cow! A quick glance at the nutrition information of an 8-ounce serving of this thing shows a ton of artificial ingredients, whopping punches of sugar, and info based on a 2000-calorie diet. What kid under age 8 is eating 2000 calories a day? I understand in some cases pediatricians recommend this product for underweight babies. I am not critiquing any parent’s choice of this product, only any resistance to new info that comes with experience.

…Gym Lobby

I arrived early to the gym and was waiting for the babysitting room to open.

A woman seated on the same bench started out sounding like we had common ground. She has a 2-year-old son. Then she went on about how “You mourn your old life. You mourn the loss of your self.”

Actually—and surprising, even to myself—I find I don’t mourn the loss of my old self, or any previous life that may have evaporated. I’m the same self, more evolved. This life is beautiful.


I’ve just come out of the gym’s pool on Sunday evening at 6pm. It’s a free-for-all called “Family Swim.” If you and your baby can endure it, I recommend giving it a try. Not for the fainthearted. The first time I went, the shrieking and splashing of 25 children in a 10 x 10 pool astounded me. My year-old daughter was a trooper, but she clung to me, and we didn’t have enough space to practice underwater moves. The second time, I wised up and went early, and had the pool to myself for a blissful ten minutes before the hoards of squeaky, playful dolphin arrived. The thing is, the locker room is f-f-f-freezing! So, now, I bring my bathrobe, and I may look like a doofas, but I stay warm while tending to my daughter’s needs, then take care of drying off and dressing myself. On this occasion, Adela caught such shivers from the cold, I brought her into the sauna just for one minute to dry and dress her. People were doing it last time, with the door open, so I followed suit.

“Uh, could you leave that towel there [keeping the door open] for thirty seconds?”

“But it will let the air out. Oh! I didn’t see her. Good!” I don’t remember this Russian lady’s face, but she had a perfect rack, indecorously exposed. “My nine-year-old daughter can go 22 minutes in the sauna,” she boasted.

She went on.

“Sauna will make healthy. Sauna will make long life. They say fifteen minutes every day and you’ll be healthier.”

“I guess it’s because it’s like a fever,” I say.

She recommended a book called Sweat No Sweat by a Russian doctor she knows personally, and wants to install a sauna in her home. And really, who wouldn’t?

While I wasn’t able to find a book by a Russian author with that title, here’s an informative link about the health benefits of sweating:

Sauna & Health

I’m sold! I’d like to try using the gym’s sauna more often. Without the baby in tow, of course.

…Nail Salon

Thought I had a tough go at it, having delivered our baby vaginally, after a 36-hour labor and 7 and a half hours of pushing, without drugs… until a lady in the nail salon told me she had 55 stitches after her son was born.

What’s that, you ask? Where do you think the stitches were?

So, how often do you encounter someone and say, Please don’t let me be like that person?

That's me, in labor, April 3, 2010 (Adela was born April 4). How many people get to labor in their back yard?

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2 Responses to Oh, the People You Meet in the…

  1. Kristina says:

    I have a friend who, like the woman at your gym, constantly reminds me how she mourns her “old self” and how her 4-year old daughter ended her social life.

    I think of it more like the caterpillar and the butterfly. My “old” self experienced life crawling around land while my “new” mom self sees all the land I used to crawl plus so much more.

    When I tell her this she scoffs and continues to tell me about how she’s the oldest person in her Happy Hour group…lol.

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