Your Best is Pretty Darn Good

My husband gives me shit for not exercising enough.

For several months, I was taking this awesome, rigorous workout class called IntenSati, where I had to bring a towel to mop the sweat. It’s been in the news as a tremendous, heart-healthy workout.

But, according to my husband, once a week is not enough. I maintain in between with walking, hiking, sit-ups and leg lifts here and there, and now I could quantify my home workouts as follows:


22lbs x 30 times per day (i.e., the baby)

26lbs x 6 times per day (the stroller, in and out of the car)

10lbs x 6 times per day (the diaper bag)

12lbs x 4 bags, 3 times in a day (loading into stroller,* then loading into car, then unloading at home and carrying up a full flight of stairs, usually in two trips), twice a week (groceries)

Miles walked per day:

0.5 to 5.0, depending. I go for a 2- to 5-mile hike at least once a week with about 35lbs on my back (22-lb baby in a 6.5-lb backpack, loaded with two liters of water, snacks, sunscreen, and so forth).


Our split-level house has four staircases. We turned down a few very nice townhouses because they had too many stairs. And when my mom first saw our house, she said, “Oh. It’s like a townhouse!” and I was slack-jawed because she was right. Still, the townhouses didn’t have the great green back yard we were looking for and found here at our home.


Squats, log rolls, curls, presses, lunges, somersaults, and then there’s all the bending over backward I do.

So, I said to my husband, “Husband, when I say I’m interested in signing up for a class, and you say ‘yeah, but once a week is not enough,’ it’s discouraging. Could you just encourage me, please? It’s one more class than you’re taking.”

Ooh ho ho, that brought the retaliatory, “Do YOU do sit-ups and push-ups every morning??”

No, but… See above.

We’re all working our tails off. We all need encouragement to exercise, given our hectic schedules and the human need to rest sometimes.

Today, can you help your mate feel good about his or her body and appearance? Can you encourage exercise while not insinuating your mate’s overweight? Also, just take pride in whatever you’re doing, if it’s the best you’ve got to give. Maybe add a walk to your week or a couple pounds to your dumbbell, so you get more into a workout… Or a couple gallons of milk to your grocery bag!

Daddy bench pressing the baby. That's one way to get exercise!

*The UPPABaby Vista is a badass stroller that can actually hold four heavily loaded grocery bags. However, as per its specs, the mutha weighs 26 pounds with just the frame and seat and is terribly clunky to fold and lift. Great on uneven terrain, but, overall, not worth the investment or the backache. Let the I-told-you-so chorus chime in.

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9 Responses to Your Best is Pretty Darn Good

  1. Lynda says:

    I do love your hubby, but I say a pox on anyone who gives you shit for not exercising enough! I’ve been working out with a trainer 3x a week for the last several weeks and am now experiencing all the reasons I don’t exercise, none of which have anything to do with lack of willpower or lack of virtue. I like moving and I like remembering that I have muscles, even if it’s only cuz they ache. But I hate the shooting pains in my knees and shoulders and all the other weird bodily dysfunctionalities that suddenly appeared after I turned 30 and now say “Hah! See if you can work around me” whenever I try to get back on a program.

    Encouragement is essential!

  2. Jeff Silvey says:

    Nice post, good thoughts.

    Health is one thing, but it’s a terrible thing to do to encourage someone to “work out.” Meaning, if it’s just for appearances. I’m the stay-at-home parent in my house, and I don’t work out. I figure that I get enough exercise carrying and chasing the 3 year old around all day every day. I break a sweat running up and down the stairs doing the laundry all week, and that’s just one of my chores.

  3. mom says:

    perhaps the dumbell needs kicking instead of lifting!! (no harm intended, son!)

  4. Megan says:

    Agree with you about the beloved Vista. It’s been retired from our car since J was out of the infant seat. It’s our at-home, stroll to town or spend the day at the Zoo, stroller. That mutha is way too heavy, as you put it.

    I have a smaller MUCH lighter umbrella stroller in each car now. HEAVEN.

  5. Kristina says:

    Kudos to you, kind encouragement usually goes farther then criticism. It’s like the story of the Wind & the Sun: (
    My husband constantly reminds me that he fell in love with me, not my dress size. Coincidentally, it makes me want to work out.

  6. Taylor Petekiewicz says:

    Tell your husband I said he’s super lucky, because he got a wife that is not only wildly adventurous, but also very beautiful, and from the sounds of it a really great mom, and a loving wife.

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