Shelter from the Storm

I love a summer storm.

I love the way it feels like hot breath, the way it smells like mallow, the way it sounds like a battered tympany.

I love its pregnant clouds, and poignant symbolism. Moody, roaming —

There is a phrase in Spanish, “caminar sin rumbo.” It means, “walk around aimlessly.”

Did you ever wander the Village? Wander in a foreign country? Wander in your hometown?

Just look at the images from Google search: Caminar sin rumbo

Beautiful, stirring images!

Right now we’re experiencing a gorgeous, rich, loud, thunderstorm. It is not chaotic, it is rhythmic. Collected. It’s like the ocean’s above and evaporation is happening upside down and we’re catching the droplets as they fall up at us. In my case, catching them on my tongue.

My kid and my cats are at ease with thunder, and that’s the way I like it. We live symbiotically in this house. In our small dwelling, it’s safe to say when one in the family is a torrent, the rest get wet.

So, it’s hard to leave. Even harder to leave during a storm. Hardest to leave because it’s been a blissful summer here so far. I’ve planted, I’ve frolicked, I’ve been cooking all my meals and enjoying them in the breeze. I’d like to say the whole year’s been idyllic, though, we lost our dear cousin too young to cancer.

A new study has found that what we eat in early infancy may imprint on us and shape our preferences for our whole lives. It has mostly to do with what flavors we end up liking. It gets me wondering if the desire to conclude each meal with something sweet or dessert is imprinted early on.

With that I am going to make this recipe with the kale I bought, and take it on the plane. Yay! It won’t go to waste.

Tomorrow I leave New York for Chicago for two weeks. I’m bringing my good camera, so stay tuned for pictures. We hope to hike the ravines down to the lakeshore and go for a swim. Most importantly, two weeks is a chance to enter into symbiosis (as above) with Grandma and Zaidie.

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3 Responses to Shelter from the Storm

  1. karen levy says:

    Hope to provide sunshine and stars….no thunder clouds!

  2. melhar says:

    WE can’t wait for you to come!!!

  3. Love this! The thunder storms in iowa are the best. I miss those. Didn’t know you had a midwest connection too, by the way…enjoy! We will be in Chicago a few weeks after you. Heh.

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