Open Access

“Hi. I’m here for the 9:30 class.”

“There is no 9:30 class Tuesdays.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Nope. Sorry. There was an 8:30 class and the next class is at 12.”

“You’re kidding, right? You’re not kidding. Sigh… I guess I’ll hop on an elliptical…”

“How about a session?” a giant guy with dreadlocks chimes in.

“Sure! How much?”

“Oh, let’s forget about that. Come on, let’s talk.”

“Cato” takes me into an office and asks about medical concerns and problem areas before we get started. Free workout with a personal trainer? Just what I need to get unbent. I tell him I’d like to work my core. I’m regretting that today, because he took me seriously.

Cato has rules. “You cannot say no, and you cannot break a pose until I say you can. Those are the rules. You trust me? You trust yourself?”

::Nervous laughter::

“First things first. Hug!”

In hindsight, I now know that starting the session with a hug was like saying,

“Sorry, I’m about to torture you, and it’s for your own good. Hate me now, thank me later.”

So, in one instance where mommymind didn’t totally lead to a dead end and a U turn, I got a free workout! Yay! Ouch! He had me in elbow plank pose for minutes at a time. I did all kinds of V-sits and crunches and more planking. Then, when he had to skedaddle, he set me up on a treadmill going 3.3MPH at an 8% incline and told me to climb for 20 minutes. Hurt so good. It does make me want to train with Cato again, but I doubt that’s in the budget.


Today I was once again reminded how valuable it is to live within walking distance of an accessible forest. I had an amazing, high-octane hike through the woods first thing in the morning. I say high-octane, because I just discovered this trail recently, and I haven’t had a lot of time to pursue it. Each time I get farther; but, again, I had to turn back without completing the loop around this huge reservoir. I said I’d be back in half an hour, and I didn’t want to worry my husband (didn’t take the cell) (did take personal I.D. and water, for all you worrywarts out there). I hiked briskly for 40 minutes. I saw an owl make off with a dead rabbit. That was so cool!

With some days of great weather left in the season, have you gotten outdoors enough? Is there anything you’ll regret not having done this summer, when you look back on it from the perspective of a cold autumn day?

I wrote recently about nature deficit disorder. Don’t let it happen to you.

Today I am grateful for access to nature. It’s vital.

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  1. lisaglevy says:

    How much does Cato cost? :)

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