The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

I’m ashamed to admit I’m from Illinois and I’d never been apple picking. Well, we had so much fun the other day at Wilkens Farm picking our own apples, I can see why many families make it an annual tradition. We picked a sunny, crisp day to harvest tasty, crisp apples. All along, it wasn’t about the apples, though. It was about introducing our little ones to new experiences like riding in wagons, sitting on tractors, frolicking in orchards, and tasting delectable offerings like apple cider donuts. (I’d never eaten an apple cider donut.)

Okay, you got me. It was largely my own desire to experience these things for the first time that drove us an hour each way for the thrill of the harvest.

Once again I’m finding what my wise cousin told me to be true: That parenting is a great adventure and seeing things through the eyes of a child—who’s tasting, touching, smelling, and playing in a totally novel world of firsts—is the most fun you’ll ever have. Tom, you were right!

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6 Responses to The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

  1. melhar says:

    This is why we go to the pumpkin patch every year!!! The delight of running through the corn maze, climbing towers of hay bales, and riding the tractor are just a few of the amazing reasons. Of course, the pictures you get are phenomenal too!!!

  2. karen levy says:

    Please add some of the other gorgeous photos!

  3. olia says:

    That sounds amazing! Beautiful photo! That is what I love about parenting too. I love the zoo just as much as Isaiah :)

    • Oh, you too? I’m so thrilled to be a player in a big game, an explorer in foreign lands, an actor in imaginary theater, and facilitator of many more fantastical roles and scenes playing out in the mind of the child.

  4. Tom Lewis says:

    When I’m right I’m really right! I am so glad you chose to take your adventures to a whole new level even if they may be closer to home. I must warn you that grand-parenting can be even more of a wonder to experience. I love you guys, and love watching you all grow from Arizona.

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