Feeding My Kid Eye Candy

The High Line is a great place to take a toddler. Urban eye candy delights adults and kids at every turn. It’s great for the little ones to contemplate scale. If they’re old enough to appreciate, there’s a view of Lady Liberty, and, though natives tend to ignore it, the Empire State Building. It’s nice to be reminded by the tourist framing his shot to include the Empire State Building that it’s a point of pride for our city, and a spectacle I’ve admired in the past, too. Backyard tourism is a wonderful pastime, no matter where you live.

Having a toddler means seeing the world as it looks close up, and low down to the ground. This makes the High Line one of the best local attractions for toddlers. At their level are fantastic botany specimens, railroad ties, benches of various heights, some with ramps they can ascend, and stairs made of different materials and grips that make for easy climbing, and a lot of it—which is what parents of toddlers need, because our main goal is to tire them out so they sleep, so they let us sleep. If your kid digs rocks, there are plenty of trenches filled with them that are perfect to root around in.

You’ll want to pace your walk to allow kids to alternate periods of activity with periods of rest. Our baby was in and out of the stroller at turns. Mostly she was trying to win friends and influence people, but occasionally she felt overwhelmed by the steady stream of pedestrians. One section is constructed of a fine metal grate that allows you to see down to the shaggy ground below, and this was a little scary for her. Needless to say, bring snacks.

I recommend entering via the elevator at 30th Street with a stroller, and dedicating two hours to the excursion, making your way slowly down the mile to Gansevoort Street in the meatpacking district. The reason I recommend this route is that the only coffee and nosh stop is on 15th Street, and you’ll want to work up an appetite before you get there (rather than end up at 30th with a raging hunger that forces you into a midtown west eatery).

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