Love Me, Love My OCD

In an earlier post, I confessed to being a perfectionist, and spoke frankly about how perfectionism is a condition people grapple with and sometimes have difficulty integrating into daily life. Fine, call it OCD. Once I started compiling this list, I realized maybe, just maybe, I might be certifiable. Anyway, in good humor, I thought I’d reveal some of the trivia I trifle over, and ask whether any of my readers have similar rules—or, say, strong preferences. How do your housemates regard your quirks? Do they respect your sense of order and chaos, whatever your bent? Do they come with their own set of rules, and can two people’s lists get along?

List of Rules for My Home

– Sponges must be wrung out. No pregnant sponges!

– Unworn shoes must lie in neat pairs.

– Toothpaste tube must be closed after each use. Otherwise, the product dries out. And that’s no good.

– All closet doors must be closed at night. Drawers must be closed, too.

– No wire hangers allowed. Please recycle.

– No wet towels on the bed. Please.

– All window treatments, like blinds, must be raised to the exact same height and the cords wrapped in the same direction.

– Glasses are stored mouth up, never mouth down.

– Silverware goes in the dishwasher tines down. (Pens must also be stored in pen cups with tips facing down—otherwise the ink migrates and dries. Isn’t this obvious?)

My house of the future might address all these concerns. For example, a sponge holder that wrings it like a mop, with the pull of a lever. Isn’t that brilliant? Ample shoe storage. Automatic, self-adjusting blinds. A laundry-sorting laundry chute. Also, chutes that lead to outdoor recycling and trash bins. Yes!

For every rule there is a solution, and for every perfectionist, there is someone who will love them…

Odd discoveries related to this post: 

I am not really sure what this slogan means, but I guess I’d wear this T-shirt if I got it as a gift

Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers, Pink

Quick Touch Automated Laundry Chute

(A laudable attempt, but nothing I’d ever invest in)

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10 Responses to Love Me, Love My OCD

  1. Kana Tyler says:

    You and my husband sound a lot alike. :)
    (Though he insists that he has CDO–because that way the letters are in the right order…)

  2. Bekah Groop says:

    I definitely have certain quirks myself for keeping my apartment tidy and neat! I struggle with the perfectionism myself ;) All dirty dishes must be put away, as well as dirty laundry in the hamper, coats on hangers in the closest, the coffee table organized so just the coasters, PS3 controlers and TV remote are on it, couch cushions fluffed, and the bed made. Yes, I will even remake our bed before climbing right into it with my husband. I will NOT sleep in a messy bed! Perhaps it’s OCD, but more likely, we’re just neat freaks!

  3. Taylor Petekiewicz says:

    I’m thinkin’ keeping the closet doors closed is a great strategy, because otherwise, you know, the closet monster could come out at night. :)

  4. Taylor Petekiewicz says:

    Totally with you on the sponge. I’ve thought they were totally disgusting ever since my 7th grade home and careers teacher impressed upon us that we should periodically microwave them to keep bacteria from growing. I use a sponge-less sponge. Just the green scrubby part and nothing else.

  5. becca says:

    Most of these are more ‘common sense’ than perfectionism. I thrive on common sense. Like the toothpaste thing. But I’m a tines up girl (they tend to get cleaner in my mind this way) and a glass bottom up girl (I had roaches once, years ago).

    • Thanks for reading. Do you wash your hands before emptying the dishwasher? In that scene, you’re touching all the tines as you unload, depositing countless microorganisms. Also, isn’t it pokey on your fingers? You could cut yourself! Be careful out there, folks.

  6. becca says:

    Also, pregnant sponges are absolutely maddening.

  7. Megan says:

    You would die in my house. I do the opposite of many things you list. I have my quirks and tendencies — but this isn’t them :)

  8. oliarights says:

    I don’t know why people jump and label this as OCD. It is PERFECTLY all normal. I love those cleaning slippers.

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