Back in the Classroom

I haven’t talked much about it, but I’M SO STOKED I’m teaching a writing workshop right now. It’s four weeks and the last class will be November 30th. I hope to take my show on the road and teach more workshops. Every day that I make a connection with a writer that increases his confidence, uplifts his spirit, and improves his writing is a good day. This is why, as an editor, I make sure my authors retain ownership of their material, and regard me as more of a coach than a copy editor, even when I perform a line edit.

While working on my M.A. in Writing at DePaul University, I specialized in the teaching of writing. I was awarded a graduate assistantship that commissioned me to do research into many aspects of writing, from the neuropsychological aspects of the writing process, to the dynamics of one-to-one interactions at a writing center. I worked in the writing center and taught freshman workshops.

Between then and now I’ve been developing an original writing class curriculum that draws from the different disciplines I’ve been exposed to. I’m finally getting to teach the curriculum I’ve always wanted to teach. It feels like this is just the beginning. It feels like I am once again where I belong, after a decade of working in corporate America.

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2 Responses to Back in the Classroom

  1. Ariana says:

    Sounds fantastic. I am stoked for you too!

    • Thank you. I wonder if we could connect up and talk about teaching and the universal joy and challenges. I wonder if we could find parallels between teaching yoga and teaching writing. I wonder if we could do what IntenSati has done! They do a high-caliber, sweaty workout, then a writing workshop. It’s an awesome process to open your body and then take to the pen & pad. I wonder how it would be to journal right after yoga as a regular guided practice. What an amazing idea! Let’s have coffee, my friend. Love and happy holidays to you. Thank you for reading my stories. PLEASE READ ARIANA’S AMAZING YOGA BLOG.

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