What I Love About Winter

I’m going to be honest. I hate winter. I’m going to be honest again. Gratitude’s all the rage, but sometimes I don’t feel grateful. I may feel frustrated or ignored, which makes me mad, and worried I’ve taken a wrong turn, but I’m not slowing down, I’m charging ahead turning a wrong turn into a marathon in the wrong state, altogether.

And that’s when I’ll write a gratitude list: Ten Things I am Grateful For, which I frankly had never done until I took Erin Stutland’s IntenSati class.

That workshop had us sweating out the day’s (week’s/month’s/lifetime’s) mental “heavy metals” as well as biotoxins through our skin.

Troubles seem to evaporate during this class. It’s powerful. Now, while riding that endorphin swell like a surfer, WRITE!—or plan, or meet with a client, or paint—but don’t just hop on the subway and drift back to the common place immediately; if you can, surf the wave for an hour, like I did today.

I had a great lunch with a client, and also got the idea to blog tonight while riding home:

What I Love About Winter

Since I hate winter, I will do something counterintuitive and write What I Love About Winter.

As you might guess, I take three steps up to the edge of the springboard, and blow the buildup—I stop. Lug-lug-lug-lug. Wobble. You can’t start a swan dive with a sputter.

So, I back up, release my grip on the railing, and take flight.

What I love About Winter

§  Clear, starry nights

§  Geminid Meteor Shower (tonight)

§  Smells of wood burning fireplaces

§  Since the trees are bare, you can see deep into the woods, and deeper into private properties, which I love

§  Green grass or the last blossoming purple flower in our yard, set against a grayscale backdrop

§  People think “summer” signifies “new,” but there is new snow; new friendships; new seasonal activities; new clothes

§  More variety in climate contrasts with west coast range of temps, and may add spice to life?

§  Fantasizing about someplace warm

§  Seat warmers in the car

§  Cozy blankets and pajamas

§  Teaching my daughter about snow

§  Watching the birds migrate

§  Watching the squirrels fatten up

§  Fattening up on rich foods

§  Winter hiking in the woods, especially when the sun is shining, and smowmelt is happening, and the sound of water droplets landing on snow whispers all around you

Wow! I started with only four solid ones in mind, and, as I wrote that list, more of What I Love About Winter occurred to me. Cool!

Be spontaneous.

OMG! Hats! I forgot to mention hats!

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6 Responses to What I Love About Winter

  1. Wonderful post!

    I love:

    Holiday lights on homes and trees, and even balconies and trimming apartment windows.
    A hot cup of coffee on a chilly subway ride.
    My down coat that feels like I’m walking around in a comforter.
    That first chill I feel walking outside and leaving the house in the morning, wakes me right up.
    Donating toys.
    Hot cocoa.

  2. I love your list! Keep ’em coming!

  3. karen levy says:

    I LOVE enjoying winter vicariously through your eyes!! (From a warm sunny place!)

  4. Olia says:

    I love going some place warm when it’s cold. It makes the warm so much warmer :) And skiing!!! Extra time to stay home and write. The spirit of the Holiday Season. Ho Ho Ho!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love hot soup, down comforters, scarves, hot tubs, seeing xmas lights, indoor craft projects, playing in the snow and then getting warm afterward inside, ice skating, sledding, snow shoeing— I made it to 10!!!

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