Productive Procrastination

I *think* mentioned this when I launched the blog, but, in case you didn’t catch it, MommyTheorist is also known as SlackerMom. This week, I’ve been lazy in direct proportion to the amount of new work I’ve taken on. Not for lack of love, I’ll put off editing work quite creatively. Just when the house lights go down and the stage lights brighten (over my desk), I decide it would be a great time to build the shelves I bought at Target a month ago; or bake muffins from scratch; or get a manicure.


I’m lucky enough to have a sitter a handful of hours per week, and usually I use the time to work. Did that sound convincing? Rewrite, with truth: Usually I use the time to sleep. Yesterday, I abandoned chores and errands and went for a pedicure. Not only that, I got a METALLIC PURPLE pedicure, as if to emphasize the frivolity of my playing hooky from responsibilities.

I know the reason I put off work ’til the last minute is to force myself into a state of flow, where time and self-consciousness slip away, and I get into the zone. Cramming amps up my stress level, *and* my performance, as it always has. I’m just the type who can concentrate and crank out an A+ paper for twenty hours leading up to the minute it’s due, rather than a sane workflow carefully engineered to last three weeks and leave time for a rest before proofreading.

I’ve even put off posting this blog I’ve been drafting with my new year’s resolutions.

Resistance has meaning.

Sharing my resolutions is hard, because I feel like it’s tantamount to publicly confessing my shortcomings—most of which I’m not even willing to admit privately.

Nevertheless, if it benefits or enlightens one person out there, maybe we’ll say it was worth it. So, here goes:

·      Eat more vegetables to “crowd out” the bad foods

·      No bread

·      No deep fried food

·      Do 20-minute yoga routine every day for two weeks

·      Nag husband less

·      Have better posture, especially while at the computer and also while walking

·      Go to bed earlier!

Stock photo showing purple. Because you really don't need to see my pedicure.

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2 Responses to Productive Procrastination

  1. oliarights says:

    This is not procrastinating, it’s unwinding. You deserve all of it! I like your New Year’s resolutions. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  2. Ana Kauffman says:

    i like your nail polish color!! is it in celebration for our Baltimore Team the Ravens!!!!!!

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