Ten Things I Appreciate About Snow

This was my status update the other day when New York got it’s first snow of winter (not to omit the Halloween storm that took out a large tree and downed power lines on our property): “I don’t like snow. Makes things more difficult. Take a fucking picture and send me a fucking postcard.”

Sometimes optimism is an uphill climb.

I am willing to embrace what I cannot change. So, I’ve composed a gratitude list to try and tune up my attitude.

Ten Things I Appreciate About Snow

animal tracks. It’s cool to see fresh animal tracks in the yard and guess who the visitors were among deer, raccoons, opossum, groundhogs, squirrels, bunnies, turkeys, and more.

children. They love the stuff!

contrast. I claim to love the changing of the seasons. I claim braving winter burnishes character. I try to claim eternal summer would bore me, but I think I’d love it!

challenge. I’ve committed to taking my daughter outside for fresh air daily, no matter the weather, just like the Waldorf School. Last year I did hike with the babe in a backpack, and I plan to this year, too. I’m warming up to it. Thankfully there’s a fellow mom in my town who also loves to hike.

aromas. There are distinct aromas that emerge when the snow has fallen. I always love the smell of a woodburning fire, and combined with the essence of a pure, fresh blanket of snow, the accord is enchanting.

donuts. Not the kind you’re thinking of. I learned to “do donuts” in the parking lot of 7-11 when I was just 17 and had my first car, a light blue (with navy panels) Chevy Blazer.

If you were out last night around 9, you might have seen me doing donuts in the Toys R Us parking lot, where I made a late-night run for a last-minute birthday gift. Ah, perpetually dumb youth.

sex. The kind you’re thinking of. Nothing better than canoodling with your mate to combat a below-zero windchill factor.

hot chocolate. Haven’t had one yet, but if I lose the 10 pounds I’m shooting for, I’ll indulge. Mexican, Irish, Turkish—I don’t discriminate.

birthdays. My own and some of my favorite friends. A reason to drink is all that gets some people out of the house December through March.

parents. They overwinter in Florida, and I look forward to visiting them there.

Moose tracks in our back yard.

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1 Response to Ten Things I Appreciate About Snow

  1. Love this list! I have to admit, I’m not a fan of snow if I have to be out IN it but, don’t mind it as long as I’m home. This Winter I’ve been wanting a big snowstorm just so that I can sit by a window and listen to Kate Bush’s “50 Words for Snow” cd . . . I’ve been wanting that since the record was released in November and alas . . . hasn’t happened yet . . . by the time I was awake this past Saturday, there wasn’t much coming down. I’m still hopeful! ;-)

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