I had wicked insomnia last night.

And it caused me to pledge to change my habits.

I’ve been swearing I’d go to bed earlier for a while, but that doesn’t stick.

As I’ve long suspected (and been told by friends and family), the iPhone may be at the root of the problem.

I cycle through my digital routine, checking email, Facebook, and playing Words With Friends until my eyelids droop. Even then, I reluctantly switch to airplane mode and turn in between 12 and 1AM (I wake with the baby around 7). I’m probably avoiding the thoughts I tend to dwell on: money, family, appointments, health, and back to money…

I hadn’t read a real book in ages. I keep one title near the toilet (right now it’s The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, which I’m reading for a second time—and not enjoying as much as the first) and one near my bedside. But they’re often neglected. Until, of course, I picked up The Hunger Games—and that’s what I was reading until 3:30AM last night. Today, albeit through a mental fog, I remember the pleasure of reading and pledge to return to reading books.

I am making a resolution to only use my iPhone as a phone, unless I’m out, and waiting in line, without my daughter.

No more iPhone while nursing.

No more Words with Friends on the shitter.

No more checking email when I get out of the shower, and between strokes of makeup.

No more Facebook when I’m stopped at red lights.

This is all meant to improve my quality of waking life, and also sleep. Here’s some research:

How Light Affects Our Sleep 

Blue light, in excess, disturbs our circadian rhythms. I just had to hear it, read it, and experience it enough agonizing times to swear I’ll kick the habit. (The article also introduces an awesome vocabulary word: zeitgeber.)

Do you have trouble sleeping? What causes your insomnia? More importantly, what cures it?

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1 Response to iNsomnia

  1. Jennifer says:

    Girl- I love your set intended limits. You can do it!

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