The Old-Fashioned Barber

Russ, my beautician, is an old-fashioned gentleman living in a modern world. They just don’t make ’em like Russ anymore. While I’m seated in his barber chair, I’m asked to put down the cell phone and converse. When he first made the request, I hesitated—how could I not use the time during my hairdressing appointment to multitask, catch up on emails, check Facebook repeatedly, and take my turns in Words With Friends? It was a tough severance, but it made sense. Ultimately, it has made my appointments more relaxing. Russ insists on quality in every arena of his existence, and it comes through.

Here are the ways in which Russ proves that chivalry is not dead:

  • He insists I put the cell phone down during our appointment
  • He takes pride in his work
  • He offers reasonable prices
  • He’s a family man. Has three kids and works alongside his wife, Barbara
  • He cares about his employees

Julie is a 28-year-old divorcée from Colombia. She’s been in America 19 months and Russ wants to see her learn English and succeed. He’s Italian. He understands. He’s fatherly in nature and mentors his own kids. He says parenting is the toughest job. When he boasted about his son making honor roll, I asked, “What’s the secret to raising a successful student?”

He said: “You’ve gotta be proactive. You’ve gotta make sure they perform up to their potential. If that’s a B maximum, then they should get Bs. If that’s a C, then they gotta keep up a C. And also, raise the bar for them. Don’t settle, and don’t let them settle for less.”

If you’re Russ’s client, you don’t walk away without having been schooled in The Art of Manliness.

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2 Responses to The Old-Fashioned Barber

  1. Lynda says:

    I love Russ’s philosophy and that he makes you put down the cell phone during an appointment – oh, such torture. I can see he’s not Jewish, though. What self-respecting Jewish mother thinks a B is maximum potential for her child?

  2. oliarights says:

    If you were on your cell phone, you would not have this blogpost :) Go Russ!

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