I’m Back!

I’m back! While you weren’t looking, David and I had another baby, and named her Bliss. We really did it. Bliss Blaustein was born at home October 5th. She was brought earthside in a lightning bolt, and our midwife missed the birth. So, we delivered her ourselves. Birth story to come.

Now this:

I decided I spend too much energy on Facebook and resolve to write more for the blog in the coming year. Like, love, or other, please feel free to share your thoughts in comments. As a bridge from Facebook, I’ll share here what I shared over at my page the other day. I’ll deliver always original, always honest, sometimes-hopefully-possibly-entertaining content. Heart thump. Peace sign. Love to my loyal readers.

– Michelle

Ways I’ve Discovered To Occupy a Toddler

– Sink Full O’ Bubbles

– Mound of Flour on the Kitchen Counter

– Tub Full O’ Bubbles

– Bubbles on the Deck

– Bubble Wrap

– Bubbles Anywhere, in All Forms

– Skype with Unsuspecting Relative or Another Toddler

– Leaves

– Rocks

– Sticks

– Stickers

– Window Markers (Awesome!)

– A Pet Who Doesn’t Bite

– A Phone Call (Complete Torture for the Callee)

– Decorating Mail to Send to Penpals

– Tissue Paper

– Bowl of Water (On the Deck)

– Crystals that Make Rainbows When Hung in Windows

– Flashlights

– iPods (Sometimes)

– Kitchen Utensils

– Large Exercise Ball

– Pad of Post-Its

– Plants to Water and Groom

– Junk Mail to Open

– Books

– Dinosaurs

– Figurines of All Kinds

– Fruits and Vegetables to Sort and Stack, Then Eat

– A Puddle on the Floor and Some Towels to Clean It Up With

– Musical Instruments

– Removable Anything (Jelly Stickers Are Fun!)

– Cars, Trucks, Trains, Wheels

– Food to Dip into Condiments

– Indoor Picnic on a Picnic Blanket on the Floor

– Costumes

– A Microphone

– Tubes

– Send Toddler to Bug Daddy

You might notice balloons are not on this list. They’re really bad for our ecosystem. Follow Facebook page “Balloons Blow” for conscious reporting on the subject. We also try to use single-use items sparingly.

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1 Response to I’m Back!

  1. What a great list! Sending toddler to Grandma is sometimes a good one too!
    Love, Grandma!

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