DAY 1 (4/12/14)

Precipitous event. Reflecting on short conversation with Meredith R. about quality of life and needing to limit screen time. She has a great blog, Queen of All Wild Things.

I emailed 18 people I care most about to let them know I’d deactivated my account.

Still want to look at iPhone while nursing.

Read more books to the kids. And want to keep reading more to the kids. 

DAY 2 (4/13/14)

At 5:34am, I realize I had developed a Facebook trigger finger. My thumb looks for the Facebook app icon on my iPhone when I’m done checking email. Now I go to Words With Friends or look at some news channels. It’s taking time to eliminate the habits I’d formed around it.

Also, what will I do with all the status updates I compose in my head??

11:35am When I deleted the Facebook app, I moved the Netflix app button into its place. My trigger finger has hit the Netflix app button a few times today.

Got some news from Drudge Report. Spent more time looking into my baby’s eyes and watching her move. She’s rolling, and it’ll be no time before she’s crawling.


David’s asleep next to me. Note the time. I’m all ready for bed, too. This is because this week was brutal. David’s work schedule; Adela was sick for three days; Bliss hasn’t let us sleep…

I am playing Words With Friends, and emailing. What I’m missing is that thing that constantly refreshes, in an unpredictable way, that makes me feel socially connected and up-to-date. It’s the constant refreshing and updating that’s neverendingly (I know that’s not a word) addicting.

I’m hoping my concentration improves and that I can eke out even a little creative output. That would be swell.

This evening, David came home with roses.

I feel some sense the world is spinning without me. It won’t miss me. It may barely acknowledge me when I’m back.

Every relative or friend I emailed to say I’d deactivated my Facebook account said, “Great! Awesome idea! Awesome for you!”

Here are some actual samples:

“I think it’s a Damn good idea. I know where to reach you. You can run but you can’t hide, MEESH.”

“Well! Awesome. Talk to you soon!”

“Brilliant idea. You know I’ll be in touch :)”

“I’ll miss your insights!! But will be in touch definitely.”

“Wow! Impressive! Let me know how that goes!!”


“I hope this means you’ll be devoting more time to creating your next writing class.”

“Yay, happy for you!”

“Good on you!”

“That’s going to be quite the detox! Hope all is well.”

“I have pretty much decided to do the same!  Though I am not going so far as to deactivate…just not checking.”

“What spurred this on? Hope you’re getting healthy and detoxing!” 

DAY 3 (4/14/14)

I miss posting photos.

DAY 4 (4/15/14)

Anyone who watches a baby sleep is a fool. They should be sleeping too. 

DAY 7 (4/19/14)

It’s been a week. A friend just wrote,

“How amazing good for u to have the insight and wherewithal to do that! We should all suspend FB sometimes!!!! U miss it?”

I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. I would love to hear what friends who aren’t in touch via email and phone have been up to.

The Facebook diet is one piece of a larger attempt to simplify my life and clarify my thinking.

DAY 9 (4/21/14)

Every day I invent a great status update, or crave connection or feedback on an idea, and I think, “Is today the day I’m going to rejoin Facebook?”

But, no. I haven’t accomplished enough.

DAY 10 (4/22/14)

Today, I took a peek. Well, my husband told me he posted this:


And I wanted to see what kind of responses the post was getting.

I returned to find more than a hundred notifications. Most were people’s family photos, some were creative and enlightening links, and, of course, my husband’s Adventures in Entertainment Reporting. (He’s had some amazing actors in his studio lately. He’s on the radio in New York and across the country daily. Some TV, too. I’m proud of him.)


Incidentally, when I asked him what he thought of my choice to deactivate my Facebook account, he said, “It’ll last 3 days.”

Well, it lasted 10 days, and proved to be refreshing. Clarifying. Like a spiritual neti pot. 


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  1. drakejamie says:

    I like it! I went to on retreat in the mountains for 3 days recently and when I arrived I found out they had little to no signal and I had to put my phone away for the time I was there….. after the initial shock wore off it turned out to be quite a nice techno detox, so I hear ya!! Good on ya! Now show me some cute photos of your kids! Great post :)

  2. Tamara Marks says:

    I wasn’t one of your 18? Weak ;) Yes, I posted this note connecting to Word Press via FB.

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