Married, with OCD

My husband’s attempt to publicly shame me while I was not logged into Facebook actually drew some handsome compliments, in a twist of fate. Also, who knew this was a thing? THIS is what drove me out of hiding and compelled me to break my Facebook fast.


Sweet. Only in New York!




I do the same thing. Fucking dry cleaners.


She has great handwriting…


All I could think while reading this “what perfect printing.”


Awesome note. I heart your wife. And, her architectural handwriting is superb.


I take those and put them in my wife’s bag.


Damn dry cleaner. Creating marital strife coast to coast.


OMG! My husband does the same thing! HAHAHA


I think I love your wife.


Argh… My husband does put them in my bag! I hate them!

Wallet w:dry cleaning stubs

That note is truly a work of art. Like most other artwork, it will serve no practical purpose.


I think Adobe should release the new “Blaustein” typeface on the market immediately. Oh, and don’t think we all didn’t notice the *ruled* post-it notes, not the silly free-form, unlined ones.


Best handwriting.


She’s giving me ideas!!


OMG!!!! My husband leaves those things all over the place! Drives me nuts!!!


Love that, stealing it.


Great handwriting. Is she a cartoonist?


Looks like interior decorator handwriting.

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