Broke My Clean Streak

4+ years of nursing, and today, for the first time, I spilled coffee on the baby. (She’s alright.) How many mornings have we enjoyed a coffee with our first feeding in the morning? Hundreds, if not a thousand.

My fondest memories are of nursing 11-month-old Adela around 5am mornings on vacation in El Salvador.

The cook of the casa we rented would hear us wake, and bring a warm café con leche to the plastic chair where I’d look onto the beach and get coated in Pacific seaspray while nursing. I could think of nothing better.


From the bitter Folgers my mom makes to the caramel latte I made this morning using our Aeroccino milk steamer/frother (best wedding present ever), the taste and smell of coffee have become strongly associated with morning nursing.

I am sure I’m joined by millions of other mothers participating simultaneously across the globe in this morning ritual. I commune with the multitudes of other moms nursing in that instant, and I connect with my baby by tuning in to what each sense is picking up. This is a 360-degree, immersive, sensual experience I hope never to forget.

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2 Responses to Broke My Clean Streak

  1. Bonnie says:

    totally random thought, but do you think the caffeine is what’s keeping Bliss from sleeping through the night?

  2. It’s a smart hypothesis and one that has been explored. Moms want to know what they can consume while nursing, whether it be coffee or alcohol….

    Given that our little one naps well midday, I would think the coffee I have around 8am has no effect 12 hours later…. but it can’t be ruled out. Thankfully, she only wakes the whole house a couple of times a month ~ which we attribute at this time to teething. And you can see the molars poking through! It’s exciting and tiring at the same time.

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Bonnie!

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