Who is Mommy Theorist?

I am a book editor by training, and currently work as a writing coach, proofreader, and writing workshop leader in New York. I help budding authors polish their manuscripts and proposals. I groom authors to present their work to agents. I help businesspeople behind the scenes to look their best on paper and sound their best when speaking. 

I recently left corporate America (first McGraw-Hill, then Condé Nast) to return to coaching, teaching, and freelance editing. Rediscovering the joy of teaching has been exhilarating. I treasure my Editor of the Year Award from Fairchild Books (2009) and am proud of the authors I’ve coached who’ve made their publishing dreams come true.

I’m an adrenaline junkie, and love to hang glide, paraglide, bungee jump, skydive, and fly glider planes. I’m also an amateur entomologist and hobby photographer. My favorite place to explore is Latin America. My favorite is Cuba and I long to return. Our trip to El Salvador with our daughter when she was 11 months old is documented here in the blog. 

After years in academia, I wanted to be educated by world travel and wilderness survival, then transfer the lessons to survival in the big city. 

I hope you enjoy reading about my latest adventures traveling with a toddler, exploring New York City and surrounds, and falling deeper in love every day with my husband and daughters.  


With gratitude and a quirky sense of humor,

Michelle (a.k.a., Mommy Theorist)

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