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The Other Shoe Falls

The other leg is broken. Mom’s other leg. It’s broken. I don’t know, at this time, how her spirit is doing. She was supposed to leave for Amsterdam and depart from there for a once-in-a-lifetime cruise an hour after the fall … Continue reading

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Broke My Clean Streak

4+ years of nursing, and today, for the first time, I spilled coffee on the baby. (She’s alright.) How many mornings have we enjoyed a coffee with our first feeding in the morning? Hundreds, if not a thousand. My fondest … Continue reading

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Homebirth of Bliss

  THE BLESSINGWAY: TO GATHER THE STARS IN A SATCHEL, TO CONNECT WITH SUPPORT BEAMS   My husband helped me rally support around Bliss’s planned home birth. I had asked friends to write me a note, or a quote, to … Continue reading

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Mother as First Guru

I had a breakthrough moment with our daughter that I’m eager to share. At certain skills, I’m a perpetual beginner. Starting and starting again, back to square one, even though I’d like to build a skill, a discipline, a practice. … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Juices Flowing

Do you know what it feels like to be “in the flow”? You may have even used the phrase without knowing its origins. A famous theorist and author with a hard-to-pronounce name changed my life. If you haven’t already read … Continue reading

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I wanna feel something.

The TV shows I’ve been watching (Mad Men, Californication, Nurse Jackie) come close to wowing me, then stop short. Like sex where you don’t get your release. So, I asked David, the movie critic, to recommend a movie that will … Continue reading

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False Starts

Today I am featured over at The Whirling Blog, a wonderful collaborative site created by the famous New York artist, Gene-Manuel. I was lucky to have met Gene-Manuel in an IntenSati class, and we’ve both been boosting our creativity and … Continue reading

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