The Other Shoe Falls

The other leg is broken. Mom’s other leg. It’s broken. I don’t know, at this time, how her spirit is doing. She was supposed to leave for Amsterdam and depart from there for a once-in-a-lifetime cruise an hour after the fall happened. Devastating.

While she’s in surgery in Chicago, I go to my sacred place in New York, and walk the labyrinth.

Inspired by this post, and also by a group called Raise the Vibration – A 30-Day Challenge, who were all invited to create unique mandalas today, I created a mandala at the center of the labyrinth. It was my way to connect with my mom and send healing to her and strength to my dad from afar.

It’s hard to see in the web image, but, anchoring a photo of my parents is a sculpted glass butterfly. (I had the photo and some polished stones at home; I’d bought three sunflowers and some decorative broken glass from a local nursery, and brought my materials to the site.) I thought, as I laid the marble on the picture, “A butterfly can’t fly with one wing,” and reveled in the holism of our parents’ unity. My mandala radiated from a square. “Lead with your heart,” I’d thought as I entered the labyrinth, holding my hands in prayer pose, and walked with my heart center and shoulders open. I thought it again as my mandala took an unexpected square shape and I tried my best to embrace its imperfections. The photo was the center of the mandala and determined its form. Our parents are the heart of our family…

The ritual was meditative, relaxing, and rewarding, and I look forward to doing it again soon, while on a hike. It will definitely be incorporated into my next Nature Writing Workshop. In the meantime, please view the slideshow below to get a sense of place and peace.

Please send a wish up for my mom’s speedy recovery.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*The statue of mother and child, which I’ve seen many times before on my visits to the labyrinth, took on poignant significance today.

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3 Responses to The Other Shoe Falls

  1. Lynda says:

    Sending love and healing light. Did not know this had happened.

  2. Moose Kral says:

    This is great, sis! Thanks for the love!

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